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About Us 

About FYG Explorer 
FYG Explorer Ltd is an international English language teaching company operating in the Cotswolds, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK. In addition to language teaching, we have also developed into a provider of personalised tours of the Cotswolds and the UK. 
As part of our language provision we offer Residential English courses in the Cotswolds, Business English training for companies in the UK, and online teaching and training for international clients. We also offer tour guiding in the UK for tourists and visitors of all nationalities, with a range of optional itineraries we can recommend. 
Residential English Courses 
Come and stay in the Cotswolds, only 75 minutes from Heathrow Airport, for a weekend English course or an intensive language course of 2-5 days. 
Your lesson schedule can be matched to your needs or the needs of your group, including time allocated to visit highlights of the Cotswolds as part of a personalised tour. Accommodation can also be arranged to suit different budgets, whether in a hotel, B&B, or as part of a homestay on available dates. 
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Business English Training 
We offer individual and group training sessions for businesspeople in the UK, whether as a one-off seminar, an ongoing training programme, or fast-track Business English diagnostic training. 
Normally these sessions are held at company offices, and they are especially popular with Japanese businessmen and women or anyone of other nationalities who has studied a lot of English already but needs to use their English ability much more effectively. 
Online English Teaching & Training 
We run a variety of online sessions which are aimed at international clients who want to develop Business English, conversational English, or a combination of both. 
These sessions can be personalised ‘private lessons’ online or group sessions for conversational English arranged according to the level and speaking ability of participants, with lesson times available during the working day in order to suit clients from different time zones including Europe, Japan, South Korea and China. 
Personalised Cotswolds Tours 
Following on from the success of our Cotswolds tours for participants in our Residential English classes, we also offer personalised tours of the Cotswolds and other UK destinations which are aimed at any tourists who are English or Japanese speakers. 
These tours are flexible and may be entirely personalised according to the requirements of your group. 
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また、交通費につきましてはCheltenham近郊の、Worcester , Swindon周辺の地域におきましては特に発生いたしませんが、遠くの地域、例えばBirmingham ,Cardiffや Londonなどにおいては別途、交通費の相談をさせていただきます。 


How can we make initial contact with your Training Consultant? 
If you contact our office we can arrange for Dan to call you back to discuss your requirements in detail, and he would also be available to attend an interview at your company offices. During an initial phone conversation or through an interview in this way, a member of your company’s HR/Training Department will be able to clarify any aspect of our training packages as required and this is also beneficial to us because we have found that a personal conversation or interview with Dan is the best way for him to convey a fuller understanding of what he is able to offer. 
Where are training sessions held? 
We are able to provide a training room facility if required, but in practice our training sessions for any company are almost always held at that company’s offices, since this provides for the most efficient use of your employees’ time, and because our training is not designed to cater for delegates attending from various different companies at the same time. We are open to enquiries from companies based anywhere in the UK or Europe, but our Training Consultant is based in Cheltenham and so we tend to cater mostly to companies in the M5 region between Worcester and Bristol, as well as Swindon and companies along the M4 corridor across to the west side of the M25 and London. 
How much do training sessions cost? 
Our training sessions are normally packaged on the basis of a half-day of training or a full day, which allows us to manage our Training Consultant’s time efficiently. No allowance for travel time is made for locations such as Worcester or Swindon, which are within easy reach from Cheltenham, but travel time is taken into consideration for further away locations such as Birmingham, Cardiff and London. 
Is it possible to arrange a trial session at first? 
When we are approached for the first time by any company, the first training booking we receive will be discounted in order to provide a trial session to that company. Typically a full day of training will be costed as a half-day, subject to any additional considerations such as the training location. 
How often should periodic review sessions be held? 
A recommendation would be made to the company based on the mutual agreement of our Training Consultant and your employee, depending on the training needs identified. It is recommended that an initial session takes place as soon as possible after any employee starts in the UK workplace, so as to ensure that language interventions are of maximum value: this will help your employee to function better in his or her role, as well as giving them more confidence to contribute in it. Following this, it may be recommended that initial review sessions take place approximately once a month for the first few months with their frequency to decrease over time until the follow-up sessions revert to annual ‘MOT’ style check-ups. 
Can you provide a sample plan of a typical training session? 
During an induction programme or a first training session we will establish an individual employee’s starting point and cover specific areas of potential misunderstandings in a business context. Following on from this, individual follow-up training sessions vary according to the needs of an employee and so it is difficult to give a ‘sample plan’ which would suit all employees. In every case, however, a typical training session would be based on that employee’s business context, and designed to provide practical support for real workplace needs. If it is possible for Dan to attend an interview at your offices, he will be able to provide more details regarding sample content of his training sessions. 
Is it possible to arrange group training sessions? 
This is particularly recommended for companies with a large number of European employees. Meanwhile, Japanese employees on secondment tend to be vulnerable to making similar mistakes which can be specifically addressed in a group seminar: however, since Japanese people are culturally more concerned than other nationalities about being seen to make mistakes in front of others, this kind of seminar works better when it is not an initial session for employees but is instead an opportunity to review topics which have been covered with individuals previously. 
How can I arrange sessions of private tuition with your Training Consultant? 
We only act as an agent for company training sessions which are invoiced on a B2B basis. Unfortunately therefore we do not handle individual or personal requests for tuition. If you contact our office, however, we are able to pass on your contact details to Dan who will be able to let you know if he is able to respond to personal enquiries of this nature. 
How can we ensure absolute confidentiality of all our business matters? 
All training topics are non-specific and the content of any training session remains confidential between the trainee and our Training Consultant. It is an understandable concern of companies that they do not want an outside consultant to be exposed to any information or material which is sensitive to the company and its business interests: we recognise this concern and we can assure you that our reputation depends on upholding complete confidentiality within all such matters. As such, our interest within any work-shadowing situation is limited specifically to matters of English usage, but in addition to this we do offer an arrangement whereby a company may choose to apply an exclusivity clause within its specific industrial sector, meaning that we would not accept work-shadowing training requests from companies within the same sector. 
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